CBD 101: What is Cannabidiol?

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Cannabidiol has become incredibly popular since it became legal in 2018 as long is it is hemp-derived and contains less than 0.3% THC. Although it has found great success among regulatory uncertainty, many people still aren’t complexly aware of what CBD actually is or why they would use it as a product to complement their lifestyle needs. In this article, we will explore the ins and out of cannabidiol in CBD 101 to help shine a light on this often misunderstood compound.

Once a hemp plant is farmed, it will often be ground up until it reaches a mashed consistency. This mash is then put through an extraction process to remove any fibers, plant parts or proteins that may be present. The finished result of this process is a very crude, dark-colored oil that will ultimately be refined through further extractions to create an amber-colored paste of concentrated CBD. With this paste, new and exciting product types can be created like water-dispersible oils or isolates that are stripped of all THC content.

Unlike marijuana, which contains both THC and CBD, hemp is naturally low in THC levels making it optimal for the extraction of CBD for commercial use. This means that CBD has no psychoactive effects while still providing some of the same benefits that can be obtained through the use of marijuana medically. However, research is still ongoing to determine what support, if any, that CBD actually provides to consumers although many swear by the results they are able to achieve through the use of this compound.

Hemp Partners has very strict vendor requirements to ensure that our clients are receiving not only the purest product ever but also the safest product possible. In an industry that is marred by bad seeds that are taking advantage of the popularity of Cannabidiol, we are working to provide full transparency while ensuring that third-party testing matches exactly what was promised. We hope you will continue to follow our CBD 101 series to gain the confidence needed to start your own CBD brand or make an existing brand shine in a crowded market.

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