How Will FDA Involvement Affect the CBD Industry?

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As a CBD manufacturer, we are constantly looking for ways to provide the safest and most efficacious products possible for our clients. While there are many different unknowns currently among the industry, it seems like FDA involvement will soon be an inevitability for the CBD industry. In this article, we will look at how FDA involvement will affect the CBD industry and what it will mean for brands and retailers.

Mandatory 3rd Party Testing

A few bad seeds looking to make a quick buck have been releasing tainted CBD products that have had adverse reactions among consumers. Unfortunately, this has made the FDA start looking into the products that are already available on the market. To counteract this, mandatory 3rd party testing for product batches will be required to ensure that no dangerous products are being sold.

cGMP Certification will be Required

In order to sell products in retail establishments, brands have to partner with a supplement manufacturer that has achieved cGMP certification. If FDA regulations become standard for the CBD industry, the manufacturing partners they choose to work with will likely also need cGMP certification through NSF. This will ensure high standards throughout the manufacturing process that limit the chances of contamination or formulation errors.

Accurate Supplement Facts Panels

Do you actually know what is in your CBD products that you potentially use daily? Currently, CBD brands aren’t required to include a supplement facts panel on their products. Currently, the only way to verify what is actually in your CBD products is through 3rd party testing. With FDA involvement, consumers will have the resources and information needed to make an informed purchasing decision.


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