Is CBD with 0% THC Right for You?

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Unlike full-spectrum oils that contain THC to provide the “entourage” effect, products made with CBD isolate contain 0% THC content. In many cases, these broad-spectrum CBD products are the best option for people that don’t want to be exposed to THC. In this article, we will explore some of the reasons that CBD with 0% THC products have become so popular to help determine if they are the right fit for you.

You Want Pure CBD

While full-spectrum CBD can often contain high levels of CBD, the THC content will often limit the purity that is achievable. For this reason, many consumers opt for CBD with 0% THC to maintain the highest level of potency and purity possible. This allows them to achieve up to 99+% levels of purity and obtain all of the purported benefits associated with CBD supplementation.

Legal Aspects Make You Nervous

Although CBD derived from hemp is legal in every state, federal laws against THC content can make the status of certain products iffy depending on where you currently are. If you are nervous about potential legal ramifications or need to ensure you can pass a drug test with flying colors for work, CBD with 0% THC will likely be best for you. This can be ensured with lab-testing documentation.

You Are Worried About Psychoactive Effects

THC can affect everyone differently, and it’s ok to be cautious about the minimal amount of THC that is present in full-spectrum products. Worrying about whether or not you will have an adverse reaction to the THC in a CBD product can limit the benefits you receive. To be safe, you may want to stick with pure CBD products.


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