What Should a CBD Retailer Know?

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While CBD has become incredibly popular over the last year, most retailers still have trouble catching up to the trend when looking at their sales process. Even worse, making unfounded claims can quickly land you in hot water as seen during the recent FDA inquiries into unfounded claims across the industry. As a private label CBD manufacturer, we want to ensure that our clients have the tools and resources they need for success. When you partner with a retailer, here is a list of things they should know about the CBD products you are providing them.

Medical Claims Should Be Avoided

While CBD has shown promising results in a variety of studies, it is important to ensure that both you and your retailers aren’t making unfounded claims about the benefits CBD can provide. Unfortunately, this has landed many CBD companies in hot water with the FDA recently and has spoiled the image of these great products in news articles. As an industry, we should strive to promote new studies and obtain verified documentation on the benefits CBD provides for a variety of medical issues.

Turnaround Times Can Vary Depending on the Manufacturer

CBD has been a hot commodity since the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill. Unfortunately, this has made it hard for some suppliers to keep up with the demand that consumers expect. Giving realistic deadlines for product replenishment provided by your manufacturer will ensure that product never runs out of stock and you have a consistent customer base at a designated CBD retailer. If a product runs out, there’s a chance they may settle for another supplier resulting in lost business.

What Is Likely From the FDA in the Future?

In recent months, the regulation provided by the FDA has stepped up to account for unfounded medical claims associated with CBD products. Over time, these unfounded claims will inevitably result in lawsuits as consumers allege mislabeled products. To be safe, CBD retailers should only partner with CBD providers that are able to limit medical claims and sell the product as-is for consumers that are actively looking for it based on opinions they have heard from friends or family.

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