CBD for Pets: What Should You Know?

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While CBD research is still in its early stages, it’s no surprise that the benefits many people receive from this powerful supplement have begun to trickle down into the pet industry. And, although most veterinarians are regularly asked about whether or not it’s safe for pets, it can lead to license suspension or incur penalties in some states if they advise clients to use CBD. However, that doesn’t mean that CBD doesn’t provide benefits for your pets. Here’s what you should know.

At the present time, no CBD products are approved by the FDA for use as a food or drug supplement for dogs, cats or any other animals. Because there is far less research into the efficacy of CBD for pets, that hasn’t stopped many people from providing it to their own. While no known issues have arisen from this practice, we still aren’t sure if there may be any long term implications or if it actually provides relief for a variety of symptoms. Asking for the opinion of your veterinarian before administering CBD is important, although they may not be able to provide a professional opinion.

When looking at CBD treatments for dogs, only one study has shown prominent results that it could be a viable treatment option. In a small study from 2019, epileptic dogs that were given CBD as an anti-seizure medication actually had far fewer seizures than those on a placebo. While still only initial insight into the efficacy of CBD in pets, it’s a good starting point that may lead similar studies to be conducted. With this continued research, we will know the safety associated with providing CBD-infused food or oils to our own animals.

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