Why is CBD so Expensive?

Hemp Partners

It’s no secret that a good CBD oil will generally also carry a higher price tag. And, while you may be able to find cheaper alternatives elsewhere, you may be getting hemp oil that has no actual CBD content in it. While it may seem like retailers or manufacturers are just looking to make the most money possible by striking while the iron is hot, there’s more to it. In this article, we will look at some of the factors that contribute to how expensive CBD can be.

Although hemp-derived CBD is now legal nationwide, the expenses associated with growing cannabis can quickly add up because of the land, water and agricultural equipment this plant requires. When you couple this with the manufacturing costs and testing costs that are also required, you can see how many different facets all contribute to a higher sticker price for the end-user. Unfortunately, the growth of cannabis is still struggling to meet the growing demand for these products and farmers have struggled to ensure they have a healthy supply of plants that can be harvested and processed to produce enough oil.

Getting started in this industry doesn’t mean you CBD has to be expensive. At HMBO, we are committed to ensuring that our clients not only get the best CBD products possible but also get the best price. With several options available for both edible consumption and topical applications, we are guaranteed to have the perfect fit for your business’ needs. We can help take out the guesswork required to create your own CBD product and help you quickly and affordably bring your products to market.


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